Exhibition Catalogue, 30/30.

“During 2017 and 2018, I had the opportunity to photograph New York City from an apartment on the 30th Floor of 30 East 85th Street. My client knew that she and her family would be living in the apartment only temporarily, and, because its balconies and windows offered remarkable views of Central Park and the buildings of Manhattan, they asked me to make a record of what they would see during their time there, which would be a kind of record of the time itself . . . .

“Some mornings I entered the apartment, took two hours of photographs, and left before any of its occupants had woken up. This was a testament to the kind of light that can be captured in the very early morning from such a high vantage point in a city. Other times I went about my business on the balconies while different members of the family went about theirs inside–working, studying, relaxing, entertaining. Photography is an inconvenient vocation, and the best conditions inevitably come at just the moments when most people would much rather be doing something else . . . .”

–From the Exhibition Catalogue, 30/30, 2019